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You found your way to our little webpage. We are the Analytical MicroBioinformatics group (aka LamkiewiczLab) located at the FSU Jena. We are further associated with the RNA Bioinformatics and High-Throughput Analysis group, led by Prof. Dr. Manja Marz.

The Analytical MicroBioinformatics group is a newly formed sub-group, which is led by Kevin Lamkiewicz. Utilizing existing tools and workflows and developing our own if needed, we aim to derive rules and models for critical molecular mechanisms that occur during an infection of a host with a pathogen. The main focus is on (eukaryotic) viruses; however, we are generally interested in any pathogen-host-interaction.
We apply large-scale comparisons of genome sequences, RNA secondary structures, protein structures, and their interactions (e.g., RNA-RNA interaction, RNA-Protein interaction) and always strive to back up our findings with biological data.

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