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Paper published: Thogotoviruses


Our study on thogotoviruses has been published some days ago. The work has been done in collaboration with Georg Kochs' group in Freiburg and our friend Martin Hölzer. Thogotoviruses are tick-borne arboviruses that comprise a unique genus within the Orthomyxoviridae family. Fifteen genetically distinct members of the thogotovirus genus have been isolated. However, numerous of these isolates have not been characterized in depth. It is known that the genus can be divided into two major clades: Thogoto-like and Dhori-like viruses.

Kevin took over this project back in 2017 (or 2018?) and helped analysing the genome of ten thogotoviruses. Overall, the study provides an overview of the phenotypic and genetic diversity of this viral genus. Using this, novel thogotoviruses can be classified more easily as shown with the recently reported Bourbon virus cases in the US. This is of particular interest, since this novel virus can cause fatal diseases for human.

Link to the publication.

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