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Gabriel Lencioni Lovate, M. Sc.

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room 08N09

phone +49-3641-9-46485

mail gabriel.lencioni.lovate[at]uni-jena[dot]de

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Main research focus

As a graduate student, I am interested in integrating RNA probing techniques with RNA structure prediction algorithms. I am currently working with lab partners to develop a pipeline for analyzing RNA proximity ligation (specifically SPLASH) datasets. We are using these techniques to understand the determinants of genome packaging in influenza A viruses. Subsequently, our tool is extended to include additional probing techniques, such as SHAPE, so that we can further refine our structure models. We plan to apply our pipeline to study RNA interactions in other viral families.

During my bachelor's and master's degrees in Pharmacy and Biochemistry at the University of São Paulo, I was involved in synthetic biology, focusing on developing cell-based biosensors. During this time, I participated extensively in outreach initiatives such as the iGEM competition and a preparatory course for prospective low-income students. After a brief time in industry, I used functional metagenomics to study antibiotic resistance in hospitals during my master's degree.

When I'm not in the dry lab, I can be found consuming sitcoms, cooking delicious meals, playing with my RaspberryPi 400, or exploring Jena and its surroundings.



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