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Sarah Krautwurst, M. Sc.

room 08S03

phone +49-3641-9-46482

mail sarah.krautwurst[at]uni-jena[dot]de

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Main research focus

After focusing on protein bioinformatics during my undergraduate studies, I combined this area with RNA bioinformatics in my master's thesis. Thus, my research is currently focused on RNA-protein interactions (RPIs). RPIs are ubiquitous throughout the kingdom of life and play essential roles between and within organisms. My goal is to develop models and algorithms to understand the mechanisms of these interactions better. To this end, using known RPIs, universal and specific rules are derived based on both sequence and structural information of the interacting partners. Because viral RPIs are generally less well understood, they are of particular interest.

Since the landscape of RPI prediction methods still needs improvement, I hope to contribute to developing an RPI prediction tool that will enable the reliable detection of promising novel RPIs in various organisms.



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  • "The structural basis of the genetic code: amino acid recognition by aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases"
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  • "Backbone Brackets and Arginine Tweezers delineate Class I and Class II aminoacyl tRNA synthetases"
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